The 'Stinger' is a fully automatic rising arm traffic barrier system, which provides rapid and excellent security for small to medium sized parking applications.

The motor and gearbox provides a robust and efficient 3-5 second cycle time (which can be changed to suit site), while the inverter ensures smooth operation and greater speed control. Distributors will appreciate the care and attention to detail we have provided to ensure the unit is simple and easy to install. The barrier is delivered pre-assembled, pre-programmed and complete with a fixing template and bolts. Typical installation time is under 1 hour.

The smart relay, which has a built in 24/7 day time clock and diagnostics text messaging display (for fault finding), controls the barrier electrically. There is no standard operation, however, most access control systems can be added. Control options available from Newgate include; push buttons, keypad, card reader, token, radio or intercom control, as well as induction loop for safety/lower or automatic raise/safety/lower.

The inverter driven 3Ph motor and gearbox (operating from a 1Ph supply), gives greater speed control and torque. There are no hydraulics to leak oil, or reserves to top up. A special spring system ensures the motor loading is kept to a minimum.

The Manual handwind facility (housed beneath a tamperproof cover), ensures the barrier arm can be raised and lowered in the event of power failure.

In the event of needing replacement parts, you will receive a rapid response from our overnight support service - All you need is the 'Stinger' serial number and our spares department number: 01636 704000.

If the pole is broken off, it is unlikely to affect the internal mechanism. A new pole or adaptor (aluminium casting) can be rapidly re-fitted, and the barrier restored to normal operation with minimum delay.

Due to the Stinger design, most components can be replaced within minutes, ensuring the barrier is left our of commission for as little time as possible.