Balance Spring - Ensures motor loading is kept to a minimum (needed on barriers over 3000mm span)
Turnbuckle - Level adjustment to ensure pole is horizontal
Output Lever - Turns output shaft
3" Slotted Pole Arm Adaptor - Ensures minimal damage to motor and gearbox, in the event of impact damage to the pole arm
Drive Belt - Transfers power from the motor to the gearbox
Safety Switch - Ensures the barrier is in-operable when the cabinet door is open
Cabinet Door Lock - Door lock operable by supplied keys
Barrier Main Frame - Powder coated yellow frame
Gearbox Plate - Drop down plate on which motor and gearbox unit are mounted
Emergency Hand Wind Cover - Drop down cover which allows the barrier to be raised/lowered manually. Also isolates mains power to barrier, when hand operated
Handwind Handle included with every barrier




Induction Loop Detector Bases (x2) - Base 1= safety/lower, Base 2 = auto raise/safety/lower
Smart Relay - Pre-programmed for connection. Has text messaging + 24/7 day time clock included
Thermostat - Controls temperature and initiates heating element
On/Of Isolator - Turns power on/off at the cabinet to enable work to be carried out
Smart Relay Power Supply Unit - Supplies power to the relay
Inverter - Allows for 1Ph power supply and speeds up/slows down the motor, to give smooth operation
Anti-Condensation Heater - Keeps cabinet free of condensation when temperatures are low
Fuse 1 - Main fuse